Commercial Equipment Leasing

The Financing Options You Need, With No Banking Hassles

Every business owner knows that in order to succeed you need capital and equipment. But banking rules and regulations make it hard for many entrepreneurs and businesses to get the financing they need to create, build and grow their business. That’s where Click4Capital can help.

We offer nationwide financing and commercial equipment leasing in Houston. Many of our customers receive financing from us after they have been turned down for a loan by the banks. Our commercial equipment leasing loans is fast, easy and competitive.

Equipment Leasing

Rather than purchase equipment outright, smart business owners are leasing. There are many financial and practical benefits to leasing as opposed to purchasing equipment:

  • It’s easier on your cash flow. When leasing equipment, there’s no need to have all of the cash to pay for it upfront. You can spread your payments out over the course of the lease.
  • Options abound. There are many types of leases available. Depending on your situation you may choose to lease with the option to own or lease and then trade in the equipment at the end of the loan. You may even qualify for a deferred payment lease or a skip lease.
  • Less risk. When you lease, if it becomes obsolete, you can trade it in for the newest model.
  • Save money. When you lease, it may be considered a business expense for tax purposes and is therefore tax deductible. Contact us to understand the significant cost savings with equipment leasing versus purchasing.

Why Lease Through Us As Opposed To A Bank

  • No collateral. When you obtain a lease through us, you usually don’t have to pledge your personal or business assets as collateral like you would with a bank. The leased product serves as collateral.
  • Banks typically require a 10 to 30% down payment before they’ll approve the loan. At we finance 100% of your cost.
  • Fast service. Since our lenders are private loan and financing companies, they aren’t subject to the same rules and regulations that hamper banking loans. We can get you a loan approval within 24 hours* in most cases.
  • Lots of Choices. We work with over 160 lenders to find the best deal for you. A bank will offer you one lender: only their bank.

If you think equipment leasing is something that will work for you, or if you just want to learn more about it, contact us at (800) 496-7720. Our customer service representatives are friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help get your business growing.

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